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Hi, I’m Helen …….

(but will answer to mum, mummy, Hel, Helusbelus, Tayls …… the list could go on)

Wife.  Mum to 3 little charmers. It’s family first for me and greatly value my family life; making the most of the fact my kids still like spending time with me.  However, friends and having a life outside my kids is very important  …. I need adult banter just like everyone else!

Love …….

A decent Gin & Tonic, cars (closet petrol head), music (played loud on a decent set of speakers), running, trainers (hoarder of), anything Adidas, lifting weights, my All Saints leather jacket, the Toon, Haribo Cola Bottles (must be the fizzy ones), surfing (however I spectate), family holidays in Cornwall (North Atlantic Coast as that’s where you can catch a decent wave).  Just recently got the skiing bug.

By day I work in Sport Development; engaging children in physical activity.  I must admit I do love my job and the team of people I work with.  Seeing kids playing a sport or taking part in one of the events we organise with a smile on their faces is mission accomplished in my eyes.

I am relatively new to blogging and suppose it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but it’s been a case of waiting until I feel confident to put out there my thoughts in this big, scary ‘blog world’.

My blog …….

Is mainly about my fitness journey but I want it to inspire and give others the confidence to go out there and get more active, fitter and eat properly.  I’ve had to overcome a lot of barriers in getting fit and active and my blog will also focus on overcoming these, tips to get motivated, stayed motivated and enjoy a healthier active lifestyle. I’m not into quick fixes or the latest fads; tried them and they simply do not work!  With this in mind this blog is for people wanting to get fit, people that feel there are barriers in their way to living a healthy active lifestyle, people lacking confidence particularly when it comes to hitting the gym or taking up exercise in general.  I must add

I am not a qualified personal trainer so  when I offer advice, tips or share my workouts these are things that I have tried myself and have worked for me.  I warn you that from time to time I may throw in the odd blurb about life in general or share a random Gin Cocktail recipe.

damson gin


I’d love to hear about your fitness experiences, what barriers you have overcome or if you have any tips to share; what’s kept you motivated, what works for you when it comes to fitting training into your own lifestyle, what barriers have you had to overcome and how you did this.

I’m often seen hanging around Twitter (@Helusbelus) feel free to say hi!

Thanks for visiting!

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