My Full Body Workout #2

full body workout

My Full Body Workout #2

This is my second of 2 full body workouts.  This workout and My Full Body Workout #1 have been put together on the basis that although I might be short on time I can still get in a decent workout.

No supersets involved, mid-range reps for me have allowed to push up the weights up for some of the exercises.  With warm-up and taking my time, this work out takes me roughly 40 mins.  I’ve been aiming to do this in rotation with workout #1 twice a week. so far that’s worked.  On the days I’m not at the Gym I try and get a run in or a HIIT session.  For ideas for HIIT check out my Pinterest Board – The Body Coach Workouts.

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How do you fit your fitness into daily life?  Have you had to adapt your fitness routine when things are hectic or does it get put on the back burner?


I am not a Personal Trainer or Medical Professional.

All the views expressed on this blog are my own,  I am an experienced Runner and train regularly at the Gym.  All my workouts have been designed to suit my own fitness capabilities and goals but I am happy to share for those looking inspiration, workout ideas or motivation.

Before embarking on any form of exercise or fitness programme or if you have any medical conditions or injuries please seek professional medical advice.

My Top Ten Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag

My Top Ten Gym Bag Essentials

In previous blogs I’ve advocated that it’s all about thinking ahead, being prepared and having a plan when it comes to incorporating training into your lifestyle. Along with always having my workout outfit always sorted the night before I may sure that my Gym bag is packed and has the essentials I need to make the most out of my Gym workout.

Not sure what to take? Have a look at my Top Ten Gym Bag Essentials


Water Bottle – Fill up at the gym or at home and leave in the fridge overnight. Plus after a workout you need to re-hydrate.water bottle

Deodorant – Quick squirt before and after. You don’t want to be referred to as the ‘One’ by others in the gym and let’s face it we can all get a bit pongy!

Hairbrush – Keep a spare one in your bag, I use a compact one that you can fold.Hairbrush

Hair ties/ Bobbles – nothing worse than when you forget to bring one? I tend to tie them around the handle of the spare hairbrush that I keep in my Gym Bag.

Make-up/face Wipes – I don’t always have time to shower at the gym and as I live close-by I tend to get back home and shower before going to work or after work! I use wipes for a quick freshen up post workout.  If I’ve dashed straight from work they are essential in taking off my mascara before it has the chance to stream down my face mid-workout!  Not a great look!

Gym Towel – You will need one to wipe down equipment so make sure it’s small, compact and lightweight.

Headphones – I also keep an mp3 player in my bag which I charge weekly and update the play lists (when I remember). But if you don’t have a spare mp3 player/iPod to keep in your gym bag having headphones means you can always plug them into your phone.headphones

Spare Clothes – knickers, socks, maybe a spare t-shirt. I don’t pack much as generally I dash home straight after.  But nothing worse than having a sweaty bum post work-out.  Yuk!

Combination Padlock/Key – Most Gyms will have lockers, I bought an inexpensive lock specifically for the lockers at my local gym so no need to take it out of my gym bag unless I’m actually there working out!

Healthy Post Workout Snack – for a post workout snack make sure its protein rich, healthy but with an element of carbs; you need to re-fuel and repair those muscles. My favourite snacks to pack in my gym bag include protein bars, tubs of mixed nuts and dried fruit, a protein shake or smoothie, humus and carrot sticks, apples and peanut butter.healthy post workout snack

Of course the list could go on, especially if you need to go straight to work after a gym session. I will put that in a separate blog post.

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So what are your Gym bag essentials? The above are essentials that make my Gym visits a much better experience, what are yours?

My Conditioning Workout #1


My Conditioning Workout #1

Put together by one of the PT’s at my Gym, this workout is a firm favourite of mine.  I tend to do this Conditioning Session when I need a bit of a jolt fitness-wise as it gets the heart racing and I get a full-body workout during my workout session.


In terms of weight for the Deadlifts and the DB Shoulder press I tend not to go too heavy; making sure the rep’s are performed slowly and with good technique.  I’d been deadlifting for a while before my PT put this element into this workout for me so anyone following this workout should really only Deadlift if they know what they are doing.

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As with any workout, I always make sure that I warm up properly and if am suffering from a particular injury keep away from exercises that could potentially aggravate it.  Dynamic stretches pre-session and Static stretches post-workout.  This session has also introduced me to the concept of Active Rest.

So what is Active Rest?

This is also referred to by some as Active Recovery.  Instead of resting completely, by adding the active rest element I’ve been able to maximise the benefits of this workout.  Basically, once I’ve completed a round of exercises instead of sitting down to recover I’m continuing to exercise but at a lower intensity; I tend to use the closest exercise bike to where I am working out at the Gym.  Whilst on the bike I make sure that I keep my speed between 60-70rpm so I’m keeping my heart rate from dipping and ensure that I have a good drink of what.  Basically this allows my body to recover during the session and I’m making the most out of my workout.  Some also incorporate stretching as part of their Active Rest , again this is maximising the time you have but also you are getting in extra stretches.  If you are not able to jump on an exercise bike then you could try Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, jump on a treadmill or perform burpees.  Just keep moving!  Another way is to take that time to stretch the muscles that you have just exercised.

Feel free to take ideas from this workout, I’m not professionally qualified and this was put together by a PT who understands my abilities and knows my level of fitness.  I’ve shared this really to give other ideas as to what you can incorporate into achieve a full body workout.  The concept of Active Rest is something I recommend anyone having a go at least once, I am a fan of it especially as it keeps me focused on the time between each round of exercises and motivated to move to the next round!

Does any one else incorporate Active Rest in their Workouts?

How to establish a morning Gym routine – Infographic


How to establish a morning Gym routine – check out the tips and tricks in this Infographic

There are many benefits to exercising first thing it the morning; you feel more energised for the rest of the day, it kick-starts your metabolism, you get more out of your day plus many more benefits.

I used to workout only in the evening.  I thought I didn’t have time to incorporate it anywhere else in the day.  More often than not I found that my workouts in the evenings tended to be more rushed and I had to deal with everyone else that simply didn’t have the time to workout in the morning.  I felt I didn’t have the focus especially if others were queuing for the same piece of equipment; not a great experience.  That’s if I made it to the Gym, if I didn’t then I’d have the guilt of not going which for me made it hard to go back if I missed a few sessions.

It wasn’t until I had a couple of busy weeks where it was impossible to get to the gym in the evenings that I gave switching to a morning workout a go.  It was hard getting up those first few mornings but once I got into the swing of things I began to enjoy it.  I felt I could focus more, there were no queues for certain equipment, I had no guilt trip about not making it in the evenings but most of all I got a huge sense of achievement for having worked out first thing; it give me more motivation to find the time to exercise in the morning.

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I’ve put together this Infographic for those who are thinking of switching to early morning gym visits and perhaps feel there are too many barriers in their way to doing this.  These are the tricks I used to get me out of bed, into my gym gear and out if the door!  It won’t happen overnight but once it becomes part of your routine you’ll wonder why you never worked out in the morning before.


Good luck!

Gym Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Gym Etiquette

Gym Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

In addition to my recent post about Gym Etiquette, I’ve put together this useful Infographic.  I warn you this is my first attempt at designing an Infographic so it’s probably far from perfect!  However, I’ve enjoyed the whole creative process involved and hope it proves informative.

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These Gym Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts have been put together to help the newbie Gym member to not make the mistake of falling foul of the unwritten rules that no one tells you when you sign-up.  Avoid being labelled as ‘the one’ who, for example, doesn’t wipe down equipment once finished with or rocks up late for a class!  Most of the time it’s really just about being polite and considerate to the others around you but there are some rules you may not be aware of.  Read this Infographic to make sure you are aware of all the unwritten rules!


Are there are unwritten rules at your gym that you have fallen foul of?

I’d love to hear from you!

Gym Etiquette – 10 Do’s and Don’ts for the Newbie

Gym Etiquette

Gym Etiquette – 10 Do’s and Don’ts for the Newbie

The Gym is a public place; it can get busy and crowded. Like any public space we tend generally tend to all get along nicely if we follow the unwritten, unspoken etiquette of being thoughtful and considerate of others around us. However, no matter how thoughtful of others you are when it comes to the Gym you can fall foul of the hidden rules and I inadvertently end up annoying fellow members. So to avoid getting shouted at, yes I’ve seen it happen, or perhaps unknowingly get a reputation for being someone that doesn’t follow the rules I’ve put a list together of Gym Etiquette do’s and don’ts.

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Do put weights back.Gym Etiquette It’s frustrating when you are hunting around for the 10kg dumbbells or can’t find the 10kg plates you need. If you think that then others will so always put equipment back in the right place when you finish with it; plus there’s always the risk of others falling over it! If you can lift it you can put it back!

Don’t hog equipment. I’m always very mindful about how busy the gym is before I start my program. For example, if I’m working on my legs and know I need to complete a lot of sets OR I need to superset in order to burn fat I know I will be spending a lot of time on ‘high’ demand equipment so I’ll either chose a time when it’s quieter or I’ll take turn with other users.   That goes for hoarding dumbbells that you are not using! Sorry that’s a real pet hate of mine!

Gym EtiquetteDo wipe down the equipment after you’ve used it! Nobody likes lying in someone else’s sweaty patches so bring a towel and wipe down the equipment once you are done with it! You can buy gym towels that are slightly smaller and lighter than a hand towel, keep one in your gym bag but remember to take it out and wash it once in a while! Gyms can be unhygienic places don’t add to it!

Don’t space invade! Nothing more frustrating when you are in the middle of a set and some walks across your path, hovers virtually on top of you when you are attempting a Deadlift or jumps on the treadmill right next to you when there are sever al others free. Be mindful of others and respect other people’s personal space, hopefully they will do the same for you!

Do switch your mobile off or better still leave it in your locker. Gym EtiquetteUnless you need the to use the timer take advantage of being phone free while you workout. Not only this but no one else wants to hear your phone going off or your phone conversations.

Don’t overlook the deodorant! Pay attention to your own personal hygiene. Sounds daft? Firstly, apply deodorant before and after your workout nobody likes to catch a quiff of someone’s stale body odour. Wear fresh gym clothing. It’s great to work up a sweat but chucking your sweaty clothes back in your gym bag until your next gym visit it a no no! Invest in more than one set of gym clothes so you will always have a clean set ready for your next visit. Do I need to say more on this point?

Don’t arrive late for your fitness class and don’t talk all the way through it. It’s impolite to your instructor and distracting for others. Arrive on time and you’ll get a good spot and concentrate on our instructor and you’ll get more out of the class.

Do use the Gym locker to store your bag, hoodie or jacket. Gym EtiquetteNo one wants to trip over your bag or jacket. If there’s no locker available leave them in your car. Just bring in with you the essentials; water, keys, phone and workout program, if you have one.

Don’t stare. Concentrate on what your workout and focus what you need to do. Staring at other people is off putting and downright creepy!

Do ask for advice or help. Gym EtiquetteUnsure how to use a piece of equipment? ASK! Ideally get a member of staff to show you how to use it or you can ask a fellow gym member but be conscious they may not use it correctly themselves! Failing that look it up on YouTube! You’ll have a better time when you are training if you know how to use the machines correctly.

Of course there are more I could mention when it comes to Gym Etiquette but maybe I’ll save those for another post. Adhering to the above will give you and other members a better workout experience. Getting shouted out by a fellow gym user for hogging weights or leaving sweaty patches on a bench can knock your confidence; it may even put you off going back!

So what Gym Etiquette do’s and don’ts did you discover when you first joined a Gym? I’d love to hear from you!

My tips to keep you motivated to go to the Gym


My tips to keep you motivated to go to the Gym

It’s the start of a new year and this is a popular time for people deciding to join a gym. Some of you have decided to do something about your fitness, tone-up or maybe lose some weight and what better place to do this than your local gym.  I applaud anyone that wants to lead a healthier more active life and what better way to start then joining a gym; you’ve made a conscious decision to do something about it.the gym

So you’ve had your induction at the gym, probably been a few times, maybe had a programme written for you. Motivation can start to diminish for all sorts of reasons especially as it can take a few weeks for gym visits becoming a habit and part of your normal weekly routine.  You might not be seeing any results, work is busy so you are struggling to get there, the weather is awful and your warm cosy living room is more appealing than an exercise class or a cardio session on the treadmill.  To be honest I go through times when my motivation for going to the gym starts to diminish and visits in the week start to be less frequent but there are various tips and tactics I use to get back into it and I’ve listed them in this blog.

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My 12 Minute HIIT Style Workout #1

My 12 Minute HIIT Style Workout


My 12 minute HIIT Style workout

Brilliant if you are short on time as this HIIT style workout on lasts for 12 minutes.  Simple exercises that will give a full body workout.  3 rounds plus 1 minute rest at the end of each round.  There is no equipment needed; just you, suitable clothing and footwear and some form of timer.  Concentrate on working as hard as possible with maximum effort; those 12 minutes will fly believe me!

HIIT Style Workout

Remember when it comes to number of rep’s focus on quality and not quantity.  The fitter you get the more rep’s you will be able to perform.  Whenever I do HIIT I focus on doing each exercise well by using the correct technique.  It’s not a race!

Before attempting any form of workout be sure to warm-up for 5 minutes.  As with any form of exercise if you have any injuries seek medical advice before attempting any form of exercise that could aggravate or provoke.  I am not a personal trainer, this is a workout I do myself and have put together through my own experiences such as attending classes and regularly performing these exercises.

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Time to hit the Gym, this time I’m not quitting!

Time to Hit the Gym

Six months on ….

From initially taking up running I’d got into a routine and getting out and pounding the pavements a habit. However, I was also starting to find running a 5km fairly easy going despite mixing up routes and trying to improve on my time.  runningThen it started to happen; the prospect of putting my trainers on and getting out for a run rather uninspiring.  I suppose it was a case of now needing something else to motivate me to maintain my fitness.

Old habits can easily start creeping back

As I could have predicted my motivation to keep fit started to wane. 3 runs a week became two then sometimes one or none a week.  I was in danger of undoing all the hard work I’d done and forgetting the goals I’d been so proud of achieving.  Sitting on that sofa watching Coronation Street instead of getting out there was starting to become more appealing and the norm.  An old habit was starting to re-immerge.

So what next?

Maybe it was time to hit the gym?the gym Read more

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