How to establish a morning Gym routine – Infographic


How to establish a morning Gym routine – check out the tips and tricks in this Infographic

There are many benefits to exercising first thing it the morning; you feel more energised for the rest of the day, it kick-starts your metabolism, you get more out of your day plus many more benefits.

I used to workout only in the evening.  I thought I didn’t have time to incorporate it anywhere else in the day.  More often than not I found that my workouts in the evenings tended to be more rushed and I had to deal with everyone else that simply didn’t have the time to workout in the morning.  I felt I didn’t have the focus especially if others were queuing for the same piece of equipment; not a great experience.  That’s if I made it to the Gym, if I didn’t then I’d have the guilt of not going which for me made it hard to go back if I missed a few sessions.

It wasn’t until I had a couple of busy weeks where it was impossible to get to the gym in the evenings that I gave switching to a morning workout a go.  It was hard getting up those first few mornings but once I got into the swing of things I began to enjoy it.  I felt I could focus more, there were no queues for certain equipment, I had no guilt trip about not making it in the evenings but most of all I got a huge sense of achievement for having worked out first thing; it give me more motivation to find the time to exercise in the morning.

Establishing a morning gym routine takes time and lots of self-disciple but trust me it's worth it! Click To Tweet

I’ve put together this Infographic for those who are thinking of switching to early morning gym visits and perhaps feel there are too many barriers in their way to doing this.  These are the tricks I used to get me out of bed, into my gym gear and out if the door!  It won’t happen overnight but once it becomes part of your routine you’ll wonder why you never worked out in the morning before.


Good luck!

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Busy working mum to 3 children. My passion is keeping fit and eating healthy. By adopting a healthy, active lifestyle I hope to be a positive role model to my children particularly my daughter. On the road to getting fit and staying fit I've had to overcome barriers such as body confidence issues and lack of time! I'm no expert nor claim to be but the steps I've taken have worked for me and continues to do so. Although my blog is a diary of my fitness I would love it to inspire other women to take up fitness and adopt a healthier, active lifestyle. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “How to establish a morning Gym routine – Infographic

  1. I’ve tried so many times to be able to workout in the morning. No matter what it ends up lasting about a day… I have such a hard time getting up in the morning its awful. I’ve found that the blogilates calendars have helped me heaps. I try to do a video in the morning and the rest when I get home from work. The shorter workouts really help me feel like I’m still accomplishing something. Those tips are great though even if it is for a short 10-15 minute workout in the morning!

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    1. Thanks for the positive comments, Stephanie. Yes it is hard getting into the routine of getting up and out exercising first thing in the morning; someone I know suggested just getting up 30 mins early and not actually exercising but doing other stuff until your body clock gets used to it. Finding something that works for you is half the battle. I am a strong believer in the short HIIT workouts; great for getting the heart racing, brilliant for toning and increasing your metabolism! It’s not always about the length of time spent working out but the quality, I feel more benefits from a 20 min session than an hour doing cardio. Have you checked out the Body Coach (Joe Wicks) on YouTube and Instagram; I recommend trying some of his HIIT workouts; they are approx 15-20 mins long and you feel great doing them after, honest!

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