It’s not about having the time but about making the time

Making the time

It’s not about having the time but about making the time

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When you think you will never be able to incorporate fitness into your busy and hectic day you can!  Have a look at your day; where can you make the time?  You may not be able to manage to do a full session at the gym but a 5km run or 20 minute HIIT workout maybe more realistic.  Aim to incorporate fitness in your routine 3 times a week, once it becomes habit you may find you want to commit to more days or longer sessions.

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Busy working mum to 3 children. My passion is keeping fit and eating healthy. By adopting a healthy, active lifestyle I hope to be a positive role model to my children particularly my daughter. On the road to getting fit and staying fit I've had to overcome barriers such as body confidence issues and lack of time! I'm no expert nor claim to be but the steps I've taken have worked for me and continues to do so. Although my blog is a diary of my fitness I would love it to inspire other women to take up fitness and adopt a healthier, active lifestyle. Thank you!

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