My Motivation

My Motivation


If you have seen any of my posts on Instagram, Pinterest or scrolled down my list of blog posts you will see that I am rather fond of a motivational quote.  My motivation can greatly affect how hard I train and at times my enthusiasm for putting on my trainers and getting out to the Gym.


They give me quite literally a boot up the bottom when I cannot be bothered to put on my trainers and prefer the option of sitting on the sofa watching catch-up TV.  Yes, I do claim I am busy and time is precious, it is for all of us but believe me skipping a gym visit or a run obviously provides a window of opportunity for a couch potato session!

So these are the times when a motivational quote comes in handy!  Below are my ‘boot up the bum’ inspiring quotes:

“Set realistic Goals and you will achieve them”

“When you feel like quitting think about why you started”

“A year from now you will have wished you had started today”

“A strong person is someone who acknowledges their weaknesses and knows how to control them”

“Summer bodies are made in the Winter”

“It’s not about having the time but about making the time”

“Don’t focus on what you are giving up but on what you are going to gain”

“Let exercise be your stress reliever not food”

“Run like Zombies are chasing you”

“Being fit and healthy is not a fad or a trend.  It’s a lifestyle”

“Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it”

“One Pound At A Time”

“Excuses don’t burn calories”

“Do it for yourself”

“You can keep going long after you think you can’t!”


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