My Training Journal

My Training Journal 2016

I’m not big on writing things down, it’s all kept in my head.  I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed the whole process of creating a blog; it’s my online journal for my thoughts, ideas, stuff I’ve researched and for recalling my own fitness journey.

So I’ve decided to add my own training journal to my blog.  Why?  Firstly, the weird numbers I write on my calendar baffle my kids.  Ok they are my PB’s and once upon a time meant something to me but I hardly ever flick through my calendar to recall my running times so I suppose they are rather meaningless.  It’s also not the right place to perhaps note my gym training sessions.  Besides the calendar gets cluttered up with everything else associated with running the Taylor Family; Guitar lessons, Rugby fixtures, play dates, dentist appointments, you get my drift?  Secondly, putting on my gym training sessions will  give me the chance to reflect on what I have done and maybe provide a focus to what I need to do next.  Finally, it might give me a bit of motivation when the sofa and Netflix are calling!

I’ve no intention of writing everything that I do, that would be the blog equivalent of watching paint dry, so I’ll add what I consider the highlights.  Let’s just see how it goes?

October 2016

Friday 5th October

Last month I re-evaluated how often I train and decided to switch to Full Body Workouts, here is the second of my Full Body Workouts.  Seems to be working well.  I get a full body workout in 40 minutes which is fitting in with everything else that’s going on in my life at the moment.

September 2016

Sunday 11th September

Put together a HIIT Workout, it is easy to put your own together once to know what exercises target what parts of your body.

Saturday 17th September

Trying to run a 5km twice a week.  I’m a fair weather runner so if it’s chucking it down I’ll do a HIIT workout instead.

Sunday 25th September

It’s been a hectic month so I’ve had to re-evaluate how I workout and in particular the amount of time I spend training.  So I’ve gone back to performing a Full Body Workout each gym visit instead of concentrating only on one area.  So here’s my first of 2 Full Body Workouts.

August 2016

Thursday 4th August

My Holidays are less than a fortnight away, Carried on with my gym programme and incorporated some HIIT workouts into my weekly routine.

Saturday 27th August

Back from my holiday in Cornwall.  Relaxed and chilled despite the 13 hour drive home!  No gym visits or 5km runs for 2 weeks.  It was all long walks on the beach, chilled out evenings, lazy mornings and the most amazing surfing conditions (well for my kids anyway).  So first time back in the gym, decided to take it easy, decided on an old favourite of mine in the form of a conditioning session.


July 2016

Mid Summer.  Weather not to bad so have been getting a few runs in.

First 2 weeks have continued with same Gym Programme with 3 separate workouts (Legs, Chest & back, Shoulders) in the week.

I’ve been continuing with the HIIT; it’s quick and get the heart pumping.  Do I feel better for it?  Yes I think so.  After a hectic June and bad habits creeping in, I’m trying to eat healthier and am making a conscious effort not to slip into eating only cereal when I am stuck for time.

Saturday 15th July

1 week until I finish work for the Summer and 4 weeks until I go on holiday!  New Gym programme; slightly different from my last workout routine.  Back to Rack Pulls and Back Squats; heavier weight, low reps and short rest intervals.

Wednesday 27th July

A mad couple of weeks has seen the walls very nearly fall off my traning schedule but I think I’m back on track.  Conditioining session today has helped me focus and motivate me to pursh harder.  Rack Pulls, Sled Drags, Farmers Walks.  Tough mentally and physically but I enjoy the post training buzz and come away with a real sense of achievement.

June 2016

Wednesday 1st June

I fly to New York tomorrow for 4 days so in preparation worked extra hard at the Gym this morning.  Ok it’s a guilt thing but feeling of achievement after a leg blast!  Rest of the day spent packing and re-packing.  I’m beyond excitement!  I managed to sort out new Playlists for June so I’ve got new tunes to listen to when I get back to the Gym; Workout Playlist June 2016 and Running Playlist June 2016.

Wednesday 8th June

NYC was amazing.  Frantic, mad, exhilarating!  We certainly made the most of the trip but definitely only scratched the surface of this fabulous city.  OK so hardly slept, over-indulged when it came to food but had a thoroughly fab time.  Using the tracker on my phone we walked roughly 60km in the time we were there so it wasn’t all bad!

So went for a 5km this morning.  Hard is an understatement but it’s in the bag.  It is so easy to get out of a routine but completing that first run hopefully has got me back into fitness mode.  My trip to NYC helped increase my motivation when it came to the Gym and for me I think that’s important.  With fitness goals I need to reward myself along the way but also have an end goal; my end goal was to wear a pair of shorts with confidence whilst stomping the streets of NYC and that’s what I did!  I’ve just booked my annual holiday in Cornwall for the end of August so that’s my motivation to train harder, keep up the running that way and have something to look forward to!

Friday 24th June

The past week has been extremely busy at work; probably the biggest week for me and the team I work with.  3 day multi sports event for children in Newcastle.  Love this week but it does take it’s toll on everything else including my fitness and diet.  Small sacrifice to pay for all the medals won, happy smiling faces and proud parents!   Still I have managed to get to the gym and did a 5 km on Tuesday despite falling over, smashing a phone and using my elbow and knee as a brake!  Doh!

Friday 30th June

Workwise it’s been slightly less hectic.  No early morning starts so I’ve been back to the Gym instead.  Instead of running I’ve been doing some low impact HIIT Workouts courtesy of the Body Coach.  Huge fan of Joe Wicks, have been for a log time.  If you are new to the Joe Wicks phenomenon have a go at his Low Impact HIIT Workout.  I’ve done this workout 3 times this week, max 20 minutes and it’s definitely got my heart thumping!

May 2016

My favourite month of the year.  Countdown to Summer begins for me.  Late spring, weather improving, 2 Bank Holidays to enjoy and half-term for me and the kids!  What’s not to like?

It’s a month till I go to New York with 3 fabulous, gorgeous ladies.  It’s going to be hot in New York so the shorts and summer clothes are going to come out.  Best up my fitness game and start eating more healthy, especially after the chocolate re-lapse I seem to still be suffering from since Easter!

New month means new playlists.  I get bored of listening to the same old music so here is my Workout Playlist May 2016 and Running Playlist May 2016 in case you are after some inspiration.

Tuesday 2nd May

Gave my fitness a jolt by doing a Conditioning Workout; really enjoyed this session.  Heart pounding, felt like it did some good.

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