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If you haven’t guessed I work-out and run a LOT!  In this section of my Blog I am going to share some of my workout and training programs.

This is purely to give you ideas and inspiration if you are struggling to get a program together or need a bit of a kick-start (please take the time to read my disclaimer) Now I am not a qualified PT although I do happen to enlist the services of one!  I’ve been training for a long time and run regularly.  My PT knows this and my workout programs are designed around my own training requirements and fitness levels.  I do also put together my own training programs but this is based on experience and knowledge when it comes to Gym equipment and free weights.  It took me a long time to feel confident using gym equipment and also understanding what were the best exercises and equipment to help me achieve my fitness goals.

I am a huge fan of free weights and always incorporate these into my gym training sessions.  I also do a lot of HIIT and interval training to shock my body.  When it comes to my own training, I believe that technique and rest periods are extremely important and can greatly influence fitness goals such as building strength or burning fat, for example.

With running, my main goal is to run a 5km as fast and as strong as I can.  I’m not a distance runner although I have run distance in the past.  Also, I never say never so maybe one day I will train for a marathon.  I do try and structure my runs in terms of training goals, sometimes it’s purely to get a run in the bag, other times I’m more focused such as interval or hill training.

My fitness goals are constantly changing.  Sometimes it’s building strength, sometimes it’s burning fat, sometimes it’s based on conditioning so that can improve my running times.  One thing that always remains the constant with me is that you can never out exercise a poor diet.  Eating healthy and eating the right stuff complements my training and contributes to achieving my fitness goals.

With any workout PLEASE make sure you warm-up properly and take time for a good stretch after.  If you are injured or have any medical conditions please seek advice before undertaking any physical activity and exercise.

My 12 Minute HIIT Style Workout 4 Dec 2015

My Conditioning Workout #1 – 5 Mar 2016

My Strongwoman Workout #1 – 24 Mar 2016

Quick HIIT 20 Minute Treadmill Work-out – 2 April 2016

My At Home Bodyweight Leg Workout – 12 May 2016

My Full Body Workout #1 – 25 Sep 2016

My Full Body Workout #2 – 5 Oct 2016

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