Super Detox Beetroot Smoothie Recipe


Super Detox Beetroot Smoothie Recipe

Beetroot is so good for you. This vegetable is packed full of antioxidants which help detox the liver.  There have been recent claims that beetroot can help lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and even enhance athletic performance.

I love the stuff and regularly serve baked beetroot as a side dish. So I thought I would incorporate it into one of my smoothie recipes.  Beetroot can taste a bit ‘earthy’ in my opinion so I tend to add some form of fruit to sweeten it up a little.  It’s taken me a while to get to the stage where I only add water but if you are struggling add apple juice to start, then slowly wean yourself off the juice by adding a mixture of water and juice, reducing the amount of juice you use and increasing he amount of water.

Beetroot is so good for you, enjoy first thing whizzed up in a smoothie! Click To Tweet



Super Detox Beetroot Smoothie Recipe

1 Nutribullet Tall Cup
1 raw Beetroot (leaves removed,cut into quarters)
1 Orange (peeled, pips removed, quartered)
1 Apple (chopped, pips removed)

1 big handful of Spinach
1 inch of fresh Ginger (no need to peel)
Water (fill to max level)

Whizz till smooth






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