My Spring 15 Minute Full Body Workout

full body workout

My Spring 15 Minute Full Body Workout

I’ve lost a bit of motivation lately, hit a wall and not been as motivated to push myself.  I’m still enjoying my free weight sessions but want to get the heart pumping a little bit more.  So for the last month I have added a new full body workout to my fitness routine.

So firstly, I’ve been hitting the Cross-Trainer.  Ok so this is not part of the Full Body Workout I’m posting but for me 15 minutes interval training on the cross trainer is just the ticket to get the heart pumping.  Read my post 5 Cross Trainer Workouts To Try if you would like to have a go at HIIT style intervals on the Cross Trainer.

Then I’m then doing the following 15 Minute Full body Workout.  3 rounds of 5 different exercises.  All exercises in each round are performed back to back with a rest after each round; I generally rest for 30 to 60 seconds but it is entirely up to you.  The goal is to preform 3 rounds of this workout within 15 minutes.  Don’t worry if you struggle to do this but the fitter you get the easier it will become to complete all 3 rounds.  It’s quality over quantity!  Please make sure you warm up properly before the workout and try and find time for a 5 minute cool down and stretch after.

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Full body workout

I’ve added links if you are unsure of some of the exercises.


Goblet Squats



DB Bent Over Row



I am not a personal trainer or medical professional.

All the views expressed are my own.  I am an experienced runner and train regularly at the Gym.  All of my workouts have been designed to suit my own fitness capabilities and goals but I am happy to share for those looking for inspiration, workout ideas or motivation.

Before embarking on any form of fitness programme or if you have any medical conditions or injuries please seek professional medical advice.

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