My Top Ten Gym Bag Essentials

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My Top Ten Gym Bag Essentials

In previous blogs I’ve advocated that it’s all about thinking ahead, being prepared and having a plan when it comes to incorporating training into your lifestyle. Along with always having my workout outfit always sorted the night before I may sure that my Gym bag is packed and has the essentials I need to make the most out of my Gym workout.

Not sure what to take? Have a look at my Top Ten Gym Bag Essentials


Water Bottle – Fill up at the gym or at home and leave in the fridge overnight. Plus after a workout you need to re-hydrate.water bottle

Deodorant – Quick squirt before and after. You don’t want to be referred to as the ‘One’ by others in the gym and let’s face it we can all get a bit pongy!

Hairbrush – Keep a spare one in your bag, I use a compact one that you can fold.Hairbrush

Hair ties/ Bobbles – nothing worse than when you forget to bring one? I tend to tie them around the handle of the spare hairbrush that I keep in my Gym Bag.

Make-up/face Wipes – I don’t always have time to shower at the gym and as I live close-by I tend to get back home and shower before going to work or after work! I use wipes for a quick freshen up post workout.  If I’ve dashed straight from work they are essential in taking off my mascara before it has the chance to stream down my face mid-workout!  Not a great look!

Gym Towel – You will need one to wipe down equipment so make sure it’s small, compact and lightweight.

Headphones – I also keep an mp3 player in my bag which I charge weekly and update the play lists (when I remember). But if you don’t have a spare mp3 player/iPod to keep in your gym bag having headphones means you can always plug them into your phone.headphones

Spare Clothes – knickers, socks, maybe a spare t-shirt. I don’t pack much as generally I dash home straight after.  But nothing worse than having a sweaty bum post work-out.  Yuk!

Combination Padlock/Key – Most Gyms will have lockers, I bought an inexpensive lock specifically for the lockers at my local gym so no need to take it out of my gym bag unless I’m actually there working out!

Healthy Post Workout Snack – for a post workout snack make sure its protein rich, healthy but with an element of carbs; you need to re-fuel and repair those muscles. My favourite snacks to pack in my gym bag include protein bars, tubs of mixed nuts and dried fruit, a protein shake or smoothie, humus and carrot sticks, apples and peanut butter.healthy post workout snack

Of course the list could go on, especially if you need to go straight to work after a gym session. I will put that in a separate blog post.

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So what are your Gym bag essentials? The above are essentials that make my Gym visits a much better experience, what are yours?

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