Gym Etiquette – 10 Do’s and Don’ts for the Newbie

Gym Etiquette

Gym Etiquette – 10 Do’s and Don’ts for the Newbie

The Gym is a public place; it can get busy and crowded. Like any public space we tend generally tend to all get along nicely if we follow the unwritten, unspoken etiquette of being thoughtful and considerate of others around us. However, no matter how thoughtful of others you are when it comes to the Gym you can fall foul of the hidden rules and I inadvertently end up annoying fellow members. So to avoid getting shouted at, yes I’ve seen it happen, or perhaps unknowingly get a reputation for being someone that doesn’t follow the rules I’ve put a list together of Gym Etiquette do’s and don’ts.

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Do put weights back.Gym Etiquette It’s frustrating when you are hunting around for the 10kg dumbbells or can’t find the 10kg plates you need. If you think that then others will so always put equipment back in the right place when you finish with it; plus there’s always the risk of others falling over it! If you can lift it you can put it back!

Don’t hog equipment. I’m always very mindful about how busy the gym is before I start my program. For example, if I’m working on my legs and know I need to complete a lot of sets OR I need to superset in order to burn fat I know I will be spending a lot of time on ‘high’ demand equipment so I’ll either chose a time when it’s quieter or I’ll take turn with other users.   That goes for hoarding dumbbells that you are not using! Sorry that’s a real pet hate of mine!

Gym EtiquetteDo wipe down the equipment after you’ve used it! Nobody likes lying in someone else’s sweaty patches so bring a towel and wipe down the equipment once you are done with it! You can buy gym towels that are slightly smaller and lighter than a hand towel, keep one in your gym bag but remember to take it out and wash it once in a while! Gyms can be unhygienic places don’t add to it!

Don’t space invade! Nothing more frustrating when you are in the middle of a set and some walks across your path, hovers virtually on top of you when you are attempting a Deadlift or jumps on the treadmill right next to you when there are sever al others free. Be mindful of others and respect other people’s personal space, hopefully they will do the same for you!

Do switch your mobile off or better still leave it in your locker. Gym EtiquetteUnless you need the to use the timer take advantage of being phone free while you workout. Not only this but no one else wants to hear your phone going off or your phone conversations.

Don’t overlook the deodorant! Pay attention to your own personal hygiene. Sounds daft? Firstly, apply deodorant before and after your workout nobody likes to catch a quiff of someone’s stale body odour. Wear fresh gym clothing. It’s great to work up a sweat but chucking your sweaty clothes back in your gym bag until your next gym visit it a no no! Invest in more than one set of gym clothes so you will always have a clean set ready for your next visit. Do I need to say more on this point?

Don’t arrive late for your fitness class and don’t talk all the way through it. It’s impolite to your instructor and distracting for others. Arrive on time and you’ll get a good spot and concentrate on our instructor and you’ll get more out of the class.

Do use the Gym locker to store your bag, hoodie or jacket. Gym EtiquetteNo one wants to trip over your bag or jacket. If there’s no locker available leave them in your car. Just bring in with you the essentials; water, keys, phone and workout program, if you have one.

Don’t stare. Concentrate on what your workout and focus what you need to do. Staring at other people is off putting and downright creepy!

Do ask for advice or help. Gym EtiquetteUnsure how to use a piece of equipment? ASK! Ideally get a member of staff to show you how to use it or you can ask a fellow gym member but be conscious they may not use it correctly themselves! Failing that look it up on YouTube! You’ll have a better time when you are training if you know how to use the machines correctly.

Of course there are more I could mention when it comes to Gym Etiquette but maybe I’ll save those for another post. Adhering to the above will give you and other members a better workout experience. Getting shouted out by a fellow gym user for hogging weights or leaving sweaty patches on a bench can knock your confidence; it may even put you off going back!

So what Gym Etiquette do’s and don’ts did you discover when you first joined a Gym? I’d love to hear from you!

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