Time to start blogging


Here we go! Time to start blogging

Ok so this is my first blog ever

Scary stuff but here goes!  I’ve been told by a fellow blogger friend that you look back at your first blog and cringe.  I suppose it’s like that ‘bang on trend’ haircut/style/colour you had back in the day and now your toes literally curl when you look back at photos of you with said haircut/style/colour (mine was a perm).  So I need to post something in order to get said opportunity to cringe at it.


I’ve always wanted to blog but have felt that I can only do this when I feel that I something worth saying and about something I feel deeply passionate about.  Think it’s always been a question of what to blog about.  Then it came to me recently that perhaps I should write about my passion for fitness, how it’s evolved, helped with my own self confidence and along the way helped me tackle some of the barriers that in my mind have got in the way previously of me being able to lose weight, become more body confident and ultimately help me to become a positive role model to my children in terms of their attitude to physical activity and sport.

I consider myself to be fit, I eat well and hope that in a positive way this rubs off on my children.  But this not always been the case.  Yes I have days when I eat nothing but rubbish, normally after a night out,  and the most active thing I might do is reach for the remote control but don’t we all?   I’m not perfect and I think life would be dull if I didn’t do any of these things.  Lets not forget juggling the demands of family and work is exhausting and stressful so like many I do find myself looking forward to cracking open a bottle on a Friday night.

wine glass and bottle


However, over the last 18 months I have completely changed my approach to how I exercise and what I eat.  The result has been I’ve lost 2 stone, dropped 3 dress sizes, have more energy and feel more confident about my body image.  It’s not entirely been a walk in the park; like many busy working parents I’ve had to overcome barriers like lack of time, lack of motivation and in my case lack of confidence (particularly when exercising in a gym).  By the way on the road to getting fit I’ve discovered a love for free weights.  It’s taken a while to become confident enough to use them especially as I’m normally the only female on a Saturday morning in the free weights area at my local gym.  gymBut I’ve learnt what free weight routines target which areas, apply good technique and know what programmes and exercises burn fat or build strength.

So back to my blog …… 

Ultimately I would love this blog to inspire at least one person to overcome any barriers they may have in order to get fit and stay fit.  I also want this blog to be my own diary for writing about my fitness and recording the steps I’ve taken to increase and maintain my fitness.

There ……. first blog entry done

Yes I probably will look back and cringe at the above but it’s out there.  Just hope it’s not as cringe worthy as said 80s perm.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 


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Busy working mum to 3 children. My passion is keeping fit and eating healthy. By adopting a healthy, active lifestyle I hope to be a positive role model to my children particularly my daughter. On the road to getting fit and staying fit I've had to overcome barriers such as body confidence issues and lack of time! I'm no expert nor claim to be but the steps I've taken have worked for me and continues to do so. Although my blog is a diary of my fitness I would love it to inspire other women to take up fitness and adopt a healthier, active lifestyle. Thank you!

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